Is your guitar playing stuck in a rut? Perhaps you are struggling to stay motivated. Many people become bored or they are frustrated when they are unable to quickly learn a song. In-person guitar lessons are expensive and online programs fail to inspire. Maybe you are feeling guilty for paying too much for a monthly subscription that you are not using. Guitarists often turn to Youtube but are annoyed by the adverts. They spend too many hours trying to learn a new song without success. Life is too short to spend hours doing something that you are not enjoying or if you are not making progress.

Join the Playiit community and start enjoying playing your guitar. If you have fun, you will play more often, for longer and you will become a better and more confident player.  You will have instant access to a database of over 700 play-along videos of well-known and well-loved songs. You can search, filter and sort. You can play along online or you can download to your device to play offline. You will have access to exclusive content. New songs are added every day. You can join a community of like-minded guitar learners, discuss music and request new songs,

Join the community and gain access to over 700 videos. There are month-to-month,  yearly and once-off options.

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Customers reviews

It is nice to find your videos on another service besides YouTube. YouTube has grown too powerful and we need other alternatives. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A free market economy works when we have choices/alternatives. Competition is good! I don’t mind the advertising to help you earn some money for all of your work. My contribution was an effort to show my appreciation for what you were doing so I did sort of a go fund me thing.
Thomas W Bass
This is such an improved experience from using YouTube. No ads, no lag time and an alphabetical list. For my purposes as a beginner, I enjoy learning new chords and love it when I come across an artist or song I’ve never heard before. Love the selections. There’s something for everyone. You provide a wonderful value in this subscription. Thank You. Much respect.
Karen Bliss Ertel
Thank you for the songs with chords. I am retired living in North Carolina. I have been playing and learning on the Uke for a couple years now. I am determined to learn to play and I think having your songs handy will expedite this. A friend turned me on to your annotated songs and I thought it was a great way to feel where the chord changes should go in the songs as well as An opportunity to learn new songs. I wanted to support your efforts to share and of course eliminate the annoying ads on YouTube.
JR Rogerson
Thank you for the free download book its brilliant, and such a useful resource. I have been playing guitar or trying to for several years now and sometimes struggled trying to put it all together as they say but uour videos have really helped and are enjoyable to listen too so big thanks to you. I retired last year just as lockdown started in UK so having my guitar was such a help and thats how I came across your videos. Im going to enjoy now looking through list.
Tricia Bradburn
The reasons I like your actions on the internet are that I download your videos for use "off line" and of course I want to support your channel. I'm not a "guitarplayer" but a fanatic uke-player. Your play-along videos are fabulous to use for my instrument as well. So Keep on strumming and editing those wonderful videos!! Many greetings from a cold, windy an rainy Holland
Wim van Vliet
I have been using your videos on YouTube with the scrolling words and chords and found them a great help with playing. I am far from a natural musician and only started the guitar after retirement, so your videos give me the opportunity to feel I am playing with others. A great idea.
John L
I want to support you because you have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the project. It is obvious you love what you do and I think you are extremely gracious to share your work so freely. YouTube is fine but I don’t like the ads and having the capability to download the files and store them on my own hard drive is a great solution
I've played my guitar more in the last week than I have in the last month. These videos are wonderful. I'm finding that the bar chord voicing sound better with the videos.
Jim Blakeslee
Hi Joanne I have to agree with Karen, no ads, reduced searches, you have put together a wonderful catalogue. I have recently started playing again after 25 years so I’m still a bit rusty, but loving every minute of it! I would like you to consider adding some blues to the catalogue. Keep up the good work..
Joanne, I have been enjoying your product for the last year and it has been wonderful. A year ago just as Covid was getting started I retired, not that the two had anything to do with each other. During that time of limited interaction with others I have spent hours playing music with you. Thank You! I am so glad that I found you when I did, I am playing much better and continue to be challenged by your selections. Keep up the good work!
Vic Reeve
For several years I have been following your projects and am compelled to tell you how much I am impressed with your contributions to users of Band in a Box and most recently with Playlit. Back in the 1950’s I played folk and flamenco guitar, and although I switched to jazz piano thirty years ago I am sure Playlit will become a “must have” program for guitarists and singers around the world and I hope you will be adequately rewarded for your efforts! I use Band in a Box to make backing tracks and have found your publications very helpful, though at age 92 I still have much to learn about the program. Thank you for your many contributions to musicians around the world
Bill Fairchild
Thank you so much for providing an easy way to find quitar music with lyrics and chords that allows us to play and sing along with the original artist. Several of us get together and use your videos to play songs we love with easy chords and scrolling lyrics.
I can't thank you enough and happy to support you and the channel.
Thank you so much for sharing such an extensive library of incredible music for all guitar players to follow, practice, jam to and just truly enjoy ! I appreciate you and the time you put in to create such a library !
Patrick Bergeron


Most frequent questions and answers

 The types of songs I tend to make play-along videos for are from artists who have inspired me on my own musical journey. I am a “sixties” baby and was influenced by artists such as John Denver, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez so I tend to go for classic folk, country, and pop tunes from that era. Download the free eBook to see all the songs int he database. New songs are added (almost) every day.

Members are encouraged to make requests in the members only forum. Other members will then be able to “vote” for this song by liking the request post. I will make videos of requested songs with the most likes.  If you want a specific song, then the best thing is to make use of my Fiverr gig here

I am not a huge fan of strumming patterns in general. The reason for this is that, in my opinion, rhythm is a very personal choice and is more like an art than a science. When learning a new song, I generally try and fit in with the overall song rhythm, rather than trying to replicate it 100%. If you battle with rhythm, try just doing one simple down strum on the first beat of every bar and then gradually introduce more intricate strumming and picking patterns as you become more proficient.

I am pretty sure that you can guess that I absolutely love my capo! Putting a capo on can instantly allow me to play along with a song that is recorded in a “nasty” key (such as Db, Eb, F, Bb, and Gb). I love making the songs as simple as possible so that ALL levels of guitar players can enjoy playing along. If you are a bass or piano player you can always look for “no capo” songs. There are plenty!

Sorry, but the software I use to make the videos does not allow me to easily do this.

There are literally hundreds of tools on the interweb that will allow you to do this and I suggest you find one that you are comfortable with and fits your requirements and budget. Personally I use a lot! I also use personal tabs on 

When you sign up for one of the paid programs you will be given a referral code. Check out the referral report in your membership are for instuctions on how to use this referral code. 10% of all payments from friends your referr will be paid via paypal at the end of each month.

Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel (over 5 million views on YouTube)
Cant Help Falling in Love by Elvis (over 3 million views on YouTube)
Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters (over 3 million views on YouTube)
You Needed Me by Anne Murray (over 2 million views on YouTube)